Photography Speaks A Million Words

There is nothing quite like what  photography can do. It can create limitless possibilities with imagery that is evocative, powerful, subtle, minimalistic, sensual or frightening. There is something that translates through a photograph to the viewer, a connection, a feeling, a relationship, a memory. Can you imagine life without it?

Photography has evolved over the last 100 years from the early days of the flashbulb. It now encompasses a much more user friendly environment. Almost anyone with a phone or computer (not to mention an actual camera) these days has access to photography of some sort, with most of it being done digitally. It has come a long way and now is everywhere in the media, online and off. With its technology revolutionized, photography can be used and experienced by almost anyone, anywhere.


In advertising, photo is king. It can exist as its own ad with very little graphic design to enforce it –  like so many that can be found in a fashion magazine. These ads are minimalistic in nature of the design and offer a simple and straight to the point presentation. Calvin Klein (seen here) ads do this very effectively, using female and male models to help sell a line of clothing or underwear.


Other photos are tweaked a bit by designers in Photoshop to get a message across, usually combining  two or more images into one. Various effects can be added or subtracted from photos making the possibilities endless. Usually these ads send a much deeper message than your run-of-the-mill underwear or clothing ad. I would have to believe most all photos for advertising ARE in fact photoshopped one way or another. Many photo ads apply a plethora of images and effects to caught the eye – examples.


When we start looking into depth of what can be done with photography and computer graphics, we shift backward toward the  fine art aspect of it all. By innovative photographic techniques, some very interesting effects get applied-like some of the images I found on this site that really create a surreal art experience (some albeit creepy). Also check out these.

More photos I thought were worth noting:



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